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DevTel strives to make conversation engaging, immediate and open with the best PBX system available.  Our hosted PBX and consulting services utilize the latest technology and services at affordable prices.  We specialize in voice, data and Web applications, and we provide infrastructure and strategies that fulfill the needs of our clients.  We make sure you have the features and technology that you need, eliminating elements that are unnecessary to your business operation.

We provide strategic planning through design, development and implementation.  We help our clients develop a PBX system that will suit their requirements and needs, generating better communications, customer relationships and productivity.  If your business has less than 40 extensions, a hosted PBX system would be ideal.  DevTel maintains and monitors a full-featured system that takes advantage of the latest advances in large expensive systems at a far more affordable price.  We will also provide a customer support foundation that the bigger providers cannot.

DevTel will automate your processes; setting up and maintaining an on-site PBX phone system requires resources that smaller businesses may not have.  We cannot describe how much easier and more affordable it is to let an experienced entity, like DevTel, simplify your set up.  Our hosted PBX system has failover capabilities and they are monitored 24/7 for the maximization of uptime.

DevTel is the most affordable alternative to a complex, overwrought PBX system.  Our fees consist of a one-time set up fee of $100 and a monthly cost of $200.  After the initial fees, it is $0.015 a minute for inbound and outbound calls, $0.028 per minute for inbound toll free calls and $2.50 per month for any DID.

DevTel guarantees its services at every level.  We consider customer satisfaction our number one priority.  Contact DevTel today and learn how our services can improve communications and relations between your business, your clients and their customers.


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